Team RWB App v2.0 Viewing & Updating Your ProfileView and Update Your Social Profile

View and Update Your Social Profile

View Your Social Profile

Members can view their profile by tapping the My Profile icon in the App navigation. On this screen a member can view:

  1. Cover Photo
  2. Profile Photo
  3. App Settings Icon (Gear)
  4. Name and Chapter
  5. Edit Button
  6. Followers and Following - The total number of members that are following you and the number of members you are following. By tapping on these numbers you can access the list of these members.
  7. Military Service Information - Includes military status, military branch (if applicable), ETS Date for veterans, and Rank.
  8. Bio
  9. Your Personal Social Feed - A feed of your personal posts and actions.

Edit Your Social Profile

Upon clicking the EDIT button a member can update or change the following information:

  1. Cover Photo - Add, change, or remove your cover photo.
  2. Profile Picture - Add, change, or remove your profile photo.
  3. Name - Edit your First and/or Last Name.
  4. Profile Bio - Add or update your bio.
  5. Military Service - Update your Military Service information.
  6. Chapter Preferences - Update your Chapter Preferences (Preferred Chapter, and two additional optional Chapters for email subscriptions)
  7. Save - Click save button to save your changes.