Team RWB App v2.0 Creating EventsChapter-Generated Events (Eagle Leaders Only)

Chapter-Generated Events (Eagle Leaders Only)

Creating Chapter-Based Events

In addition to creating member-generated events, Eagle Leaders are will be able to create Chapter-based events through the Team RWB App as well.

There are only some slight differences in the process of creating Chapter-based events.  First off, Eagle Leaders will be presented with a pop-up when they click the create button that allows them to create a Member Event or a Chapter Event.

After clicking on a Chapter Event, the Eagle Leader will be presented with the following screen and options for creating their event:

  1. Enter Title
  2. Creator - The user who creates the event will be identified as the Creator. This field cannot be changed.
  3. Host - By default the Eagle Leader who creates the event will also be added as the Host. The Eagle Leader has the choice at this point in the process or after the event is created to change the host to another Eagle Leader. If the Creator changes the Host they will not longer be able to Cancel or Update the event. Only the new Host will have those permissions.
  4. Pick a Date
  5. Enter Start and End Times (Note: if you are creating an event for a different timezone from your timezone it will use the timezone of the event location)
  6. Enter Activity Category
  7. Enter Location - Members can enter an address or an establishment name/location.
  8. Add Links (Optional) - Members can add up to two Labels and URLs.
  9. Add Description
  10. Tag Members - You can tag members by typing the @ symbol and the members name and they will receive a notification in their notification feed about the event.
  11. Add Event Cover Photo (Optional) - You can either upload a photo or take a picture to add as your cover photo. If you do not use a photo, an default photo that is specific to the Activity Category you selected will be applied.