Additional Filters

A member can click on the Filters lozenge on the Events list to pull up a list of additional filters that can be applied to refine the search results.

When the Filters lozenge is blue and has a number next to it, it means that one or more filters are applied to the search results in the event list. The member can go to Filters screen to Reset the filters to view all event again.

On the Filters screen a member can adjust the following:

  1. Distance - Move the circle to the left or right to adjust the distance of search results from your location selected. The default distance is 50 miles.
  2. Date - This filter allows you to choose the timeframe of the events you wish to view.
    1. Today
    2. All Upcoming (This is the default view)
    3. Next 7 Days
    4. Next 30 Days
    5. Past 30 Days
  3. Host - The filter shows events hosted by a certain category.
    1. All - Shows all events regardless of the type of host. This is the default value.
    2. All Chapters - Any chapter-generated events.
    3. Members - Any member-generated events.
    4. My Chapter - Only events from My Chapter.
  4. Sort - You can sort the search results of the event list by:
    1. Date - This is the default value.
    2. Attendees
  5. Activity Category - This filter allows a member to choose a specific activity type to filter the event list. Note: we've added shortcut lozenges to the main event list for the most frequently occurring events (Run/Walk, Hike/Ruck, Social).
  6. Hide Virtual - When activated, this toggle will hide all virtual events from the event list.  Note: we've added a shortcut lozenge to main event list to apply this filter.
  7. Reset Filter - This will reset all filters to their default state once applied.