Viewing & Engaging With An Event

Once a member has tapped on an event in the event list they will be brought to the Event Details screen. On this screen, a member will be able to view and engage with the following features:

  1. Event Cover Photo
  2. Share Event
  3. Event Title
  4. Hosting Chapter - If applicable, this will show for Chapter-based events. Nothing will appear hear for a Member-generated event.
  5. Date and Time - Members can click on the date/time to add this event to the native calendar on their mobile device.
  6. Event Host Avatar - Provides a link to the social profile of the member or Eagle Leader hosting the event.
  7. Location - Members can click on the 'View Map' link to see the map. By clicking on the address or map, the member's native map app will open so they can get directions to the event.
  8. Event Engagement Buttons
    1. If a member is a Host, they will be able to 'Cancel' or 'Update' the event using these buttons.
    2. If a member is an event attendee, they will be able to identify whether they are 'Interested' or 'Going' to the event prior to the event. On the day of the event (or after the event), a member will be able to 'Check-in' to the event.
  9. Event Attendee Avatars - provides a link to all members that are Interested, Going, or Checked-In to the event.
  10. Event Description
  11. Event Links - This section provides up to two optional links to additional information about the event.
  12. Event Posts - Members can view and react to discussions on the event.
  13. Create Event - Members can post text and/or pictures to the event by clicking on the red button with a plus sign in the lower right corner.