Team RWB App v2.0 Signing UpStep #5 - Military Service

Step #5 - Military Service

Step 5 of the regisration process requires a user to complete the following fields regarding their military service. A user must first select a military status which will present additional fields.

  1. Status - Veteran, Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Civilian
  2. Military Branch - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps,  Navy
  3. Expiration Term of Service - ETS Date (For Veterans)
  4. Rank
  5. Disability - User will state Yes/No to having a service-connected disability
  6. Combat Zone Deployment - If user selects Yes, they will be presented with a list of Combat Deployment Operations to choose from. Note we only have the functionality to choose one combat deployment at this time.

Note: If a user selects Civilian, they will be required to complete the following field: Military Family Member status.