Content Builder Tips

  • ALWAYS access content in your designated content folder within the SHARED tab.
  • ALWAYS start your email with an authorized Team RWB saved email template or by duplicating a previously used email. Templates are available in the shared template folder.
  • ALWAYS save your chapter's content within the SHARED tab, however remember that this shared content is available by all users within your Business Unit.
  • There is always a live, persistent preview on the right side of the page that updates in real time as changes are made, whether in Layout view or Code View.
  • In Layout view, you can drag content, content blocks, or content layouts onto the preview canvas where you want. Once you drag blocks on the page, you can drag them to another location in the email/template.
  • You can drag multiple blocks to any content area unless the content area is restricted. 
  • You can drag images directly from your computer to an email or template. The image automatically uploads to Content Builder. You can also use the “upload” button under “Create”
  • Content Builder only accepts files 3MB or less in size.
  • If you intend to use the Scale to Fit option on images in email, resize your image to the maximum width and height desired. This will avoid image distortion when emails are viewed in Outlook.


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