Email Tracking

The tracking page shows subscriber engagement statistics on a send-by-send basis. You can view metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, etc.

  1. Hover over ‘Tracking’ in the navigation bar and select ‘Sends.’
  2. A list of all recent sends will display. Select the name of the send to view tracking statistics.
  3. The ‘Overview’ tab (default first page) displays summary statistics for the send, including opens/clicks, deliverability, and some basic information about the email.
    • The Summary tile shows the name, subject, send time/date, and target recipients of the send.
    • The Inbox Activity tile shows the bulk of the summary engagement statistics. Any hyperlinked number can be clicked to view the specific subscribers counted in that number. A list can be generated from this using the Copy button, or the data can be exported.
    • The Send Performance tile shows the deliverability statistics (hard/soft/block bounces, and delivery count).


Bounces are messages that ISPs send back to Marketing Cloud to explain why they cannot deliver your email. When an email cannot be successfully delivered, the application labels the subscriber as Bounced.  There are 3 types of bounces:

  • Hard Bounce: Occurs when the email server rejects the email due to a permanent condition such as unknown user or domain.  Marketing Cloud will not try to resend an email to this subscriber.
  • Soft Bounce: Occurs when the email server rejects the email due to a seemingly temporary condition, such as a full inbox.  Marketing Cloud will try to resend the same email to this subscriber.
  • Block Bounce: A type of soft bounce; occurs when the email server rejects the email due to filter issues, such as URL blocks or domain or IP address found on a blacklist.  Marketing Cloud will not try to resend the same email to the subscriber but will send any future emails to the same subscriber.


4.    The ‘Click Activity’ tab displays statistics about specific links within the email.

  • Email Overlay View shows the stats overlaid on a rendering of the email
  • Link View shows the links that were clicked in a list with some additional metrics.

5.    The ‘Job Links’ tab shows deeper information about each link in the email. Every link is given a unique ID; this tab is only used in very specific situation, as it does not include much in the realm of engagement statistics.

6.     At this time, Team RWB is not using the Conversions or Surveys tabs.


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