Sending Emails

Marketing Cloud Content Builder emails can be sent to any available Salesforce data extension or Salesforce Reports and Campaigns

Marketing Cloud Send Flow

Send Flow allows you to see what you are sending to reduce errors, and consolidates all major sending functionality into a simple, highly visual interface.

Launch Send Flow by going to Content Builder:

  1. Click Send from the Content Builder grid
  2. Click Send from the email you are sending
  3. OR Click Save and Send within Email Editing

Send Flow uses 4 steps:

  1. Define Properties - Choose your email, create your subject line, Preheader, From Options, and send classification. Always change the Send Classification (Sender Profile and Delivery Profile to the one assigned to your chapter)
  2. Select Audience  Select and drag and drop the Salesforce CRM report you want to target and any you want to exclude or suppress.  Note that all reports will be created in your CRM as MC does not have the capability to build CRM reports within the platfom. You will only be able to add reports to your targeted, excluded or suppressed audience.
  3. Configure Delivery -  Configure your schedule, send throttling, Advanced Options.
  4. Review and Send - Preview the selected email, review send configurations, correct errors, and send.


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