Adding Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that displays in a content area according to the rules that you define based on the subscriber's attributes or data extension column values. By using dynamic content, you can ensure that a more-tailored message is reaching your targeted audience.

Dynamic content can be used in any type of email other than text-based email messages. Also, note that the dynamic content area takes on the formatting (e.g. background color and border design) defined for whichever selected content being used.

In addition, default content is the content you specify in the Default Content field. This content displays when any subscriber does not apply to a rule you created.

Defining the Four Element of a Rule

Using Dynamic Content

Use dynamic content to deliver a targeted message to a specific audience. Dynamic content allows you to define attributes to content, making the information your subscribers receive that much more relevant.

  1. Go to the email/template to include the Dynamic Content and click Edit
  2. Drag “Dynamic Content” into the email
  3. Click “Browse” to select the Default Content that appears if your recipient does not satisfy any of the dynamic content rules
  4. Click “Create Rule #”
  5. Select “Profile Attribute” or “Data Extension” as the source to create the dynamic content from
  6. Drag attributes available on the left column into the canvas and set up your filters
  7. Click “Content” to select your content for that rule
  8. Click “Save”
  9. Repeat the instructions to create more rules


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