Create Email From Template

A template provides a framework that contains the appropriate Team RWB branding. The template includes logo, appropriate background color(s), borders, and general layout of an empty/usable email. You will use the template(s) provided by Team RWB as the basis of multiple various emails. 

Note: The provided template(s) contain the required Team RWB branding, layout of various content areas, as well as required elements for legal compliance and CAN-SPAM email regulations.

The process of creating an email starts with choosing the type of email you would like to create. This will always be creating an email from a template, or by duplicating an existing email.  After you've created an email, you can send it immediately or schedule the email to be sent later.

Content Builder contains wizards which will walk you through changing to the appropriate template or how to update the email using the current template.

  1. Click the Content tab at the top of the window within in Email Studio.
  2. Click the blue button labeled "Create > Email Message."
  3. Once on the "Create An Email" screen, click on the drop-down menu next to Create Email. Available choices are:
    • Template - Select this option to start with a template to create your email.
    • Existing Email - Select this option to start with an existing email to create your email. 
    • HTML Paste - DO NOT USE
    • Text Only - DO NOT USE
  4. Choose "Template," then choose the tab labeled "Saved."
  5. After clicking on the "Saved" tab, depress the button labeled "Folders" to reveal a menu on the left side of the window. Choose "Shared."
  6. The menu will change revealing "All Shared Content" highlighted in blue with shared folders below. Available folders will be:
    • Chapter Content Areas
    • Chapter Shared Images
    • Chapter Templates
  7. Click on the folder labeled "Chapter Templates" to reveal available templates.
  8. Click on an available template, then click the blue "Select" button at the bottom of the window.
  9. Fill in the required fields to create an email and click "NEXT" to advance to the "Add Content" screen.
  10. Enter a Subject
    • A Subject must enter a subject before sending the email. 
    • The subject appears in the subject line of the email when the email is delivered. 
    • Click to insert personalization strings, select a symbol, or create dynamic content (see next section detailing dynamic content).
  11. Optionally, enter a Preheader. Click to insert personalization strings, select a symbol, or create dynamic content
  12. Add new content as needed by dragging and dropping new blocks, content or layouts.  Adding new content to emails is the same as adding new content to templates.
  13. Click Next.
  14. Preview and Test Options:
    • Complete the Subscriber Preview and Test Sending section. 
    • Click the desktop and mobile icon to preview how the email will display on desktop and mobile devices. Emails created for mobile optimization will adjust according to the screen size of the device the email is being viewed on.
    • Click Layout to preview the HTML version of the email. Click Plain Text to preview the text version of the email that will be received by people whose email clients are unable to accept HTML content.
  15. Select a save option or click the back arrow to exit without saving.


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