Content Builder

Content Builder is a cross-channel content management tool that allows you to consolidate images, documents and content in a single location for use in the Marketing Cloud.  You can access Content Builder through Email Studio (click on Email then Content tab) or directly through Content Builder (on the menu bar).

Content Builder allows you to create reusable templates (Admin only) as well as sendable emails using saved templates. You can also duplicate a previously sent email to use for a new sendable email.

Each Marketing Cloud user is assigned a "Business Unit" based upon assigned Area Director. 

All content folders are accessible by clicking on the SHARED tab on the left side of the screen (shown below), and each chapter has their own folder containing several sub-folders. ALWAYS select your chapter's folder and appropriate sub-folder first before proceeding to creating new emails or sending emails.

Email names may be similar across chapters so always confirm you are editing and saving your chapter's emails within your specific chapter folder!!!

The folder location and structure is shown below.

Reminder: All content folders are accessible in the SHARED tab, so NO chapter emails or assets/images are stored or referenced within the LOCAL tab area.


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