Marketing Cloud Preferences

User preferences manage the information and behavior associated with your interaction with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

User preferences allow you to customize the behavior and appearance of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to better match your preferred account information, workflow, and preferred appearance.

  1. User Settings: The User Settings allow you to update your user account general settings:
    1. Name - Name of the user
    2. Reply Email Address - Email address used for any replies to email messages
    3. Notification Email Address - Email address used for notifications regarding the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    4. Username - Username for login purposes
    5. External Key System generated code used for API calls to identify the user.
    6. Time Zone - Time zone associated with the user
    7. Culture Code - Sets language and display options based on location and culture
    8. Enabled - Indicates whether or not the user can access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can also change your password or your account security questions through User Settings.

2.    Default Login Preference:

The Default Login Preference setting determines which app first displays to a Marketing Cloud user after that user logs in. By default, your Marketing Cloud user account is set up to log you directly into Email Studio.


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