Marketing Cloud Toolbar

Marketing Cloud Toolbar

The Dashboard displays an overview of the features available to you in your MC account and any associated activities, such as the Business Unit Name (BU1, BU2, BU3, etc.), Email Studio and other information.

1. You may have access to one or many Business Units (BUs) depending on your access role. Simply click on the account drop-down to switch between BUs, if applicable.

Your apps listed on the left side may vary based upon your role.

2. The Toolbar also includes a Help link to access documentation, the Logout link, and other options by clicking on your login ID (usually your email address) at the top right. The Toolbar remains persistent the top of the screen with open apps.

3. The app switcher displays the apps -studios and builders- enabled for your account such as Email Studio, Social Studio, Analytics Builder and Content Builder. You can switch between all apps included in your account.

4. Click the appropriate channel icon and select the app to use. This training document will mainly cover Email Studio. Hover over the cloud icon to access the App Switcher again and return to the Dashboard or select another app.


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