Create Sender Profile

Marketing Cloud Sender Profiles can be set up independently from user accounts. This allows a chapter/area to have more than one sender for emails. Standard turn-around for requests is 2 business days.

Step 1: Sign in to Marketing Cloud. Determine which Business Unit the user is a member of and navigate to that business unit using the drop down

Step 2: Under Admin, find Sender Management and select Sender Profiles

Step 3: Click "Create"


  • Name - Use the Naming Convention "Chapter Name, ST - User Name"
  • Description - Use the Naming Convention "reply to { email}"

Sender Information:

  • Select "Use the Specified Information"
  • From Name - Use Naming Convention "Team RWB Chapter Name"
  • From Email - Use Naming Convention "TeamRWB{ChapterNameChapterState}

Custom Reply Mail Management Settings:

  • Select "Use Custom Settings Below"
  • Select "Use Specified Information"
  • Name - User Name
  • Address - Team RWB email address

Click Save.


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