Remove Marketing Cloud User

Marketing Cloud user removal is requested by Area Directors through an Asana task or identified by using the PC/MC User Report. Standard turn-around for requests is 2 business days.

Step 1: Locate Eagle Leader in NPSP. Confirm PC/MC check boxes in System Information.

Step 2: Sign in to Marketing Cloud and navigate to Admin.

Email - Marketing Cloud - Google Chrome

Step 3: Under Account Settings click My Users.

Navigate to user. Select the box in front of the name and click Disable. Click OK on confirmation pop-up.

Step 4: Determine which Business Unit the user is a member of and navigate to that business unit using the drop down

Step 5: Under Admin, find Sender Management and select Sender Profiles

Step 6: Locate Sender. Select the box in front of the name and click delete. Confirm delete in pop-up.

Step 7: Navigate back to Contact Record. Edit and deselect MC User in System Information. Save.


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