Reactivate Former Partner Community User

Partner Community users are requested by Area Directors through an Asana task. Standard turn-around for requests is 2 business days.

Step 1: Locate Eagle Leader in NPSP. You can tell a contact has held Partner Community access before if the "Disable Partner User" button appears in the header.

Verify the following information:

  • Member is Authenticated (Wordpress UID # in System Information)
  • Member is an Eagle Leader and has completed Onboarding Training (Eagle Leader Information)

Step 2: Locate Primary Chapter in Memberships. Right click to open Chapter in new window.

Confirm Team RWB Email address (Eagle Leader Information). TIP: copy email address for user setup

Step 3: Select Setup from gear icon.

Step 4: Under Administration click Users, then Users. Change view to "Disabled PC Users"

Locate former user and click Edit.

Step 5: Verify User Information. Fields as follows:

  • Email and Username - set to current Team RWB email
  • Profile - "Eagle Leader Community User"
  • Active - Selected
  • Marketing User - Selected

Locate ChapterID for the user's Chapter. TIP: it is in the address bar (highlighted below)

  • Insert ChapterID in Additional Information Section
  • Deselect Generate Password.
  • Click Save.

Step 6: Click Public Groups and navigate to Chapter. Click chapter name to open.

Step 7: Verify user is listed.

If User is not listed, Click Edit. Change Search to "Partner Users" and search for user. Click name to highlight and add to list of Members. Click Save.

Step 8: Navigate back to Contact Record. Edit and select PC User in System Information. Save.

Step 9: Send verification email to new user. Once user signs agreement, credentials and password will be emailed to them.


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