Set Up Partner Community User

Partner Community users are requested by Area Directors through an Asana task. Standard turn-around for requests is 2 business days.

Step 1: Locate Eagle Leader in NPSP. Verify the following:

  • Member is Authenticated (Wordpress UID # in System Information)
  • Member is an Eagle Leader and has completed Onboarding Training (Eagle Leader Information)

Step 2: Locate the Household Account Name for the Eagle Leader (Contact Details). Click to open.

Step 3: Select Enable As Partner from drop down menu in header. Confirm selection in pop up window.

Step 4: Navigate back to Contact record.

Locate Primary Chapter in Memberships. Right click to open Chapter in new window.

Confirm Team RWB Email address (Eagle Leader Information). TIP: copy email address for user setup

Step 5: Click Enable Partner User in header section. TIP: If the button is not there, refresh your window.

Step 6: Set up the new user. Fields as follows:

  • Email and Username - set to Team RWB email
  • Profile - "Eagle Leader Community User"
  • Marketing User - Selected

Locate ChapterID for the users Chapter. TIP: it is in the address bar (highlighted below)

  • Insert Chapterid in Additional Information Section
  • Deselect Generate Password.
  • Click Save.

Step 7: Click Public Groups and navigate to Chapter. Click Edit.

Step 8: Change Search to "Partner Users" and search for user. Click name to highlight and add to list of Members. Click Save.

Step 9: Navigate back to Contact Record. Edit and select PC User in System Information. Save.

Step 10: Send verification email to new user. Once user signs agreement, credentials and password will be emailed to them.


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