SCs Access - Quick Set Up Guide

Quick Set Up Guide

Follow these steps to ensure you have the right access and visibility into your State Chapter’s information. If at any step in the process you encounter an error or can’t see the information required, reach out to Georgina.

1. Log in to the PC. From the Chapter Tab, use the List View filter to select ALL and pin that view. You should see the State Chapter and all the chapters in your state. Verify all the chapters in your state are in that list.

2. Click on the State Chapter. This is your home chapter. For now, the current reports and dashboard are all based on your home chapter. From the Related tab, make sure you can see Campaigns and Memberships.

3. Going back to the Chapter tab, select two or three of the chapters in your state and repeat Step 2 to verify access and visibility.

4. The processes for on/offboarding Eagle Leaders and creating Campaigns are the same as outlined in the step by step guides. Pay special attention to these best practices.

a. To on/offboard Eagle Leaders, use the search bar to select the right member. Make sure the person is assigned to the correct chapter before on/offboarding. As normal, highlight any duplicate records so we can merge before onboarding.

b. To create campaigns, start from the Chapter level related list for Campaigns and use the New button. This guarantees the campaign is created under the correct chapter.


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