Training/Meeting Campaigns

The Training/Meeting Campaign is our method to capture the behind the scenes planning at the Chapter level. You can use these to record leadership meetings, log contact/conversations with local supporters and businesses, and outreach efforts.

Step 1: Click New, select Training/Meeting, and click Next.

Step 2: Fill out Campaign Information Section.

  1. Campaign Name - This is what will show on your microsite.

  2. Status - In Progress for active campaigns.

  3. Campaign Display Name - Leave blank. This is system generated.

  4. Parent Campaign - Leave Black. Does not apply to chapter level events.

  5. Host - Choose the host. However, any non-Eagle Leader hosts will not have contact information shown on microsite.

  6. Chapter - Select your chapter.

Step 3: Select Meeting from the Event Type. Choose whether or not to display the event on your microsite.

Step 4: Complete When and Where area.

1. & 2. NOTE: Events start and end on the same day. If the event is multi-day, then multiple event campaigns should be created. 

3. The location entered for "Where" will create a pin drop.  Do NOT use anything other than the street address (ie. business name). If your meeting is virtual, provide details in the Event Description area.

Step 5: Complete the Event Description & Links section. You can also use the Description area to capture details regarding the meeting, such as partnership outcomes.

Step 6: Click Save.

Step 7: Review your work. Your event will sync to your chapter's microsite within two hours if you selected "Display on Website". 

NOTE: if you did not select "Display on Website", you will need to add campaign members and check them in. 

Step 8: Scroll down to the Campaign Members area. Click Add Contacts.

Step 9: Search for meeting participants. Once all members are selected, click Next.

Step 10: Click Submit to Add Members to Campaign and check them in. 


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