Eagle Engagement Campaigns

An Eagle Engagement is one-on-one or small group interaction that allows a Veteran to experience physical, social, and community activities without necessarily having to participate with a large group.  The interaction should be something that is enjoyable and comfortable for the Veterans involved.  It may be a morning run, a gym workout, or a cup of coffee. Learn more about Eagle Engagements in the Team RWB Chapter Playbook.

The Eagle Engagement Campaign is our method of capturing these interactions. The primary difference in this campaign is that it is documented after the activity has occurred.

Step 1: To log an Eagle Engagement, click New, select Eagle Engagement, and click Next.

Step 2: Complete all required fields in header section.

  1. Campaign Name - Use what activity you did (ex. Coffee with Alan)

  2. Status -  Defaults to Completed. 

  3. Event Type - Choose Physical or Social.

  4. Host - Choose the Eagle Leader who hosted.

  5. Chapter - Select your chapter.

  6. Veteran - Choose the Veteran.

Step 3: Complete Event Date & Time  and Description

TIP: Location is not entered for Eagle Engagements. If that information is important, you can provide location details in the Event Description

Step 4: Click Save. 

Step 5: Scroll down to the Campaign Members area. Click Add Contacts.

Step 6: Search for and select the Host and the target Veteran, and any other members who participated. Once all members are selected, click Next.

Step 7: Click Submit to Add Members to Campaign and check them in.


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