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The goal of this document is to walk you through creating, editing, and managing Event Campaigns in Salesforce.  We will be working in the Campaign tab in Salesforce. 

Step 1: To create a new campaign, click New, select Event, and click Next. This will bring up the New Campaign: Event dialog box.

Step 2: Complete all required fields in header section. 

  1. Campaign Name - This is what will show on your microsite.

  2. Status - In Progress for active campaigns.

  3. Campaign Display Name - Leave blank. This is system generated.

  4. Parent Campaign - Leave Black. Does not apply to chapter level events.

  5. Host - Choose the host. However, any non-Eagle Leader hosts will not have contact information shown on microsite.

  6. Chapter - Select your chapter.

Step 3: Complete Event Details area. 

  1. Event Type - Choose Physical, Service, or Social. 

  2. Subtype - These are cascading options. Your selection for Event type will determine the options available for Subtype.  See chart below. 

  3. Display on Website - Leave checked to display on microsite. Uncheck if it is a “blind” event.  NOTE: participants will not be able to check in if you do not display on website.

Step 4: Complete When and Where area.

1. & 2. NOTE: Events start and end on the same day. If the event is multi-day, then multiple event campaigns should be created. 

3. The location entered for "Where" will create a pin drop.  Do NOT use anything other than the street address (ie. business name). If your location is not available in Google Maps, provide mile marker, cross streets, and additional detail in your Event Description.

Step 5: Complete the Event Description & Links section.  This is where you get to be creative to advertise your event. 

Step 6: Click Save or Save & New. 

Save will take you to view the event you created.

Save & New will bring you back to Step 1, which is especially helpful when creating multiple events/activities.

Step 7: Review your work. Your event will sync to your chapter's microsite within two hours.


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