The dashboard displays an overview of the features available within your account and any associated activities, such as past or scheduled email sends, content, and articles.

The dashboard includes these elements.


The toolbar contains links to access these elements.

  • Calendar
  • Campaigns

The Campaigns section shows messages and content you scheduled and associated with campaigns in your account. Each campaign name links to the Campaigns hub tool.

The toolbar also includes a help link to access documentation, the logout link, and other options. The toolbar remains at the top of the screen when you open apps.

App Switcher

The app switcher displays the apps enabled for your account. You can switch between all apps included in your account. The Marketing Cloud groups apps by channel, such as Email Studio, Mobile Studio, and Social Studio. A lock symbol over a channel icon indicates that the user cannot use an app otherwise available to an account. An info symbol over a channel icon indicates an unprovisioned app for the account.


The calendar ribbon displays on the dashboard when you log in. The ribbon displays the seven days of the current week by default, but you can change the date range to display any week. The month view shows you the current calendar month by default, but you can change the view to display any month in the past or future. An icon appears on every day for each scheduled or past activity. The calendar displays different icons for different activities, such as sends or posts through Email Studio or MobileConnect.


Review information on recently sent email messages, recently run automations, and recently edited journeys. Click the specific send or activity for more information.


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