Content Detective

Content Detective is an Email Studio tool that helps you identify spam triggers in your email content. This feature mirrors the logic used by spam-filtering software to identify words, phrases, and patterns that are likely to trigger filters and then recommends a resolution to each identified problem.

Running Content Detective

1. Select Content Detective next to the email to scan.

2. Content Detective scans your email and then either shows no errors or displays a list of the potential triggers. 

If you made separate changes to the text version of the email, Content Detective displays the text version results separately on this page. Buttons display at the bottom of the Content Detective box when potential triggers are found:

  • Print: Print using the standard print dialog box.
  • Save: Save the results to a text file using the standard file download dialog box with the option to open or save the file

TIP: Interested in learning more about trigger words for SPAM filters? Check out this article


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