Step 3: Preview and Test

The goal of this document is to walk you through testing your email.  Follow these steps to perform a subscriber preview and test send in Email Studio. 

Subscriber Preview and Attributes

1. Select Preview and Test.

2. Click the Folder Icon.

3. Open Shared Salesforce Data Extensions > BU1 > Chapter Name > All Members Chapter Name. 

4. Click to select any random member record then press Select at the bottom right.

You should then see personal details for that subscriners on the left side of the screen. Review your email in the preview panel to ensure any personalization is displaying correctly. The subscriber’s attributes will remain listed next to the preview.

Test Send

Click Envelope Icon

1. Click the tab "Individuals" and enter up to five email addresses to send a test email to.

2. Click the tab "Saved Send Classification" and select the appropriate name under Sender Profile.

3. Delivery Profile should remain Default.

4. Click Send Test.

Review the email to ensure everything displays correctly and all links are working.

TIP: Do not change the default Content Personalization Options section.


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