1. In Content Builder, create a new email:
    1. Navigate to Chapter Folder
    2. Select create email from Template or Existing Email.
    3. Define Properties
  2. Add Email Content 
    1. Add Subject Line and Preheader
    2. Insert/Create content by customizing email canvas.
  3. Preview and test
    1. Set subscriber preview and attributes
    2. Send Test email
  4. Once email tested and approved, prepare email to send
    1. Define properties
    2. Select the audience: the Data Extension for your chapter
    3. Configure delivery (immediate or scheduled)
    4. Review and send
  5. In Email Studio, go to Tracking to review email send results
    1. Click on Tracking, then Sends
    2. Find and select the email name
    3. Review tracking results (including delivery rate, opens, clicks, unsubscribes…)
    4. Export or email tracking results


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