Step 5: View Tracking Data

The tracking page shows subscriber engagement statistics on a send-by-send basis. You can view metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, etc.

1. From the Email Studio Dashboard, hover over Tracking and select Sends.

2. Select your Chapter from the folder listing. 

3. A list of all recent sends will display. Select the name of the send to view tracking statistics.

4. Tracking information for the email will open for your review.

Overview Tab

The ‘Overview’ tab (default first page) displays summary statistics for the send, including opens/clicks, deliverability, and some basic information about the email.

  • The Summary tile shows the name, subject, send time/date, and target recipients of the send.
  • The Inbox Activity tile contains information about the opens, clicks, and unsubscribes related to the send. You can click the drop-down menu next to viewing and select a way to activity:
    • Current Activity - displays the data in a bar graph.
    • Activity Over Time - displays tracking data for 14 days after the date of send. You can choose to include or not include certain information such as opens, clicks, forwards, etc.

These fields display when you view Current Activity:

Total and unique opens the email send received
Total and unique clicks the email send received
Total and unique email forwards
Total and unique clicks the email send received
Total survey submissions received and the number of subscribers who took the survey
Number of subscribers who unsubscribed from the send

  • The Send Performance tile contains information about the deliverability of the send. A pie chart shows the total number of email messages delivered and the number of soft and hard bounces
  • The Unengaged Subscribers tile contains information about subscribers who did not open the message or click information within the email.
    Total Delivered Number of successfully delivered emails
    Did not click Number of subscribers who opened the message but did not click any links
    Did not open Number of subscribers who did not open the message

  • The Open Performance tile contains information about the subscribers who open the send. A bar graph shows that the number of total opens and unique opens compared to the number of messages delivered.
    Delivered Number of messages delivered successfully
    Total Opens Number of times the message was opened. This value includes multiple opens by the same subscriber
    Unique Opens Number of unique message opens. This value includes one open per subscriber

  • The Forward to a Friend Activity tile contains statistical information about how many subscribers forwarded the email to a friend.


Bounces are messages to explain why they cannot deliver your email. When an email cannot be successfully delivered, the application labels the subscriber as Bounced.  There are 3 types of bounces:

  • Hard Bounce: Occurs when the email server rejects the email due to a permanent condition such as unknown user or domain.  Marketing Cloud will not try to resend an email to this subscriber.
  • Soft Bounce: Occurs when the email server rejects the email due to a seemingly temporary condition, such as a full inbox.  Marketing Cloud will try to resend the same email to this subscriber.
  • Block Bounce: A type of soft bounce; occurs when the email server rejects the email due to filter issues, such as URL blocks or domain or IP address found on a blacklist.  Marketing Cloud will not try to resend the same email to the subscriber but will send any future emails to the same subscriber.

Click Activity Tab

Use the Email Overlay View or the Link View on the Activity tab of Tracking in Email Studio to look at your email sending. 

Email Overlay View

The Email Overlay View page provides a screenshot of your email with percentages next to every link in the email. These percentages indicate the percentage of subscribers that clicked each link. You can click the percentage to view a short summary of the click statistics, including click through rate, total clicks, and unique clicks. 

Link A link included in the body of the email
CTR Percentage of clicks per link (Click Through Rate)
Total Clicks Percentage of clicks per link Number of clicks per link.
Unique Clicks Percentage of unique clicks per link Unique clicks per link.

Link View

The Link View page displays a table that gives click information for every link in your email send.

Link The link in the email
Total Total number of clicks received
Unique Unique clicks received; click the unique number to view a list of subscribers who clicked
Net CTRs Number of unique clicks divided by the number of emails delivered

Other Tabs

At this time, we are not using the Conversions, Surveys, or Job Links tabs.


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