Step 4: Send Emails

The goal of this document is to guide you through the process of sending your email to your members and email subscribers. While you may edit content in two different areas in Marketing Cloud (Content Builder and Email Studio), you can only send an email from Email Studio. This can be confusing so ensure you are indeed in Email Studio by looking at the top left of the screen as shown here.

Opening Send Flow

Marketing Cloud Send Flow allows you to see what you are sending to reduce errors, and consolidates all major sending functions into a simple, highly visual interface. You can get to the Send Flow three different ways:

Option 1. Click Send from the Content Builder grid

Option 2. Click Send from the email you are editing.

Option  3. Click Save and Send within email you are editing.

Send Email

1. Define Properties 

You can update your Subject and Preheader here if needed. Double check that the Send Classification (Sender Profile) is the one assigned to your chapter.

Select Next.

2.  Select Audience 

  1. Navigate to your Region | Chapter folder under Shared Data Extensions.
  2. Select the All Members report.
  3.  Drag and drop report to Targeted Audience. 
  4. Click Next.

3.  Configure Delivery 

  1. Select your Send Timing (either Send Immediately or Scheduled).
  2. Select your Chapter folder under Tracking Destination Folder.
  3. Select Next.

4.  Review and Send 

  1. Review send configurations
  2. Preview your email both in Desktop and Mobile view. Exit out of the send and use the content editor to correct any errors.
  3. Check box once review is complete and errors are corrected.
  4. Click Send.


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