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You can upload content to Content Builder by dragging and dropping existing content, by browsing your computer for the content, or by uploading content from an external URL. ALWAYS remember to choose the SHARED tab, then select your chapter's folder first, then ALWAYS save content within your folder (usually should be IMAGES).

  1. Click Create then Upload
  2. There are two ways to upload content.
    1. Drag Files - Drag files from your computer to the upload window to add one or more files
    2. Browse for Files - Click Create, Upload, select the file, and click OK.
  3. Click “Upload and Publish”. 
  4. Content Builder only accepts files 3MB or less in size. The most common file types for emails are - .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, and .png, however the full list of supported file types is shown below.

***If you notice your image not displaying correctly such as "rotated," "transposed," "inappropriately cropped," etc -- it's likely being caused by one of two reasons:

  • Image file size too large (should ideally be below 200k) 
  • Image dimensions too large (should ideally be under 600px wide by 600px tall) 


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